Just $20 a month is enough to provide for the spay or neuter of one homeless pet.  Every month, this keeps an estimated 67,000 dogs or cats (estimated, over 6 years) from being born homeless!

Donations are tax deductible; you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.  Spay/Panama is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization.


How to make a donation
  • Donate your time to care for the less fortunate animals.  Veterinarians or any other animal-loving persons can help us make a difference.  Please contact us for details doctor@spaypanama.org.
  • Donations of gauze, syringes, near-to-expire or recently-expired medication, isoflurane, sutures, disposable surgical drapes, etc. are welcomed.  Called 261.5542 or 6671.0246 to arrange for pick up.
  • Donations can also be made directly to our bank account as follows and please send us an email when you do, 

Banco General
Nombre/Name:  Fundacion Spay/Panama
Cuenta corriente # 03-38-01-052009-7

  • You can donate towards the cause with your credit card:

All checks must be made payable to FUNDACION SPAY/PANAMA

From overseas, you can mail check made payable to FUNDACION SPAY/PANAMA at
Fundacion Spay/Panama
PTY 4689
Box 025724
Miami, FL  33102-5724

Your donation will help us end pet overpopulation and stop the suffering.  Your contribution will appear on the Spay/Panama Web Page unless you would like to remain anonymous, in which case your contribution will be posted with “anonymous” under sponsor’s name.

Spay/Panama  is committed in helping the less fortunate animals and is accountable for its financial position in getting the work done. 

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World Society for the Protection of Animals
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